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About Home Bargains Store Development

Store Development

About The Role

Our store developers are Jacks (and Jills) of all trades, and masters of all!

As expert merchandisers, they are deployed across the country, charged with the task of setting the tone in new stores and also re-shaping existing stores, implementing new formats and training staff.

Primarily covering Area Managers, the role really takes you places – literally! Working all around the UK, you could find yourself working in places you never thought possible, while gaining hands-on experience which will enable you to take your career even further than you ever imagined.

What can Home Bargains offer

What Can We Offer?

  • Networking You will make friends and connections all around the UK, with the ability to really establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Autonomy In implementing new formats and merchandising layouts, you will have a say in the presentation of Home Bargains stores around the country.

  • Career Progression With your proven store-maximising skillset and our rapid expansion, you will receive many opportunities to advance your career.

  • Fast-track to Management Your role will include setting examples and training others, which means you will find it easier to progress to leadership and managerial roles.

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What are Home Bargains looking for

What Are We Looking For?

There are many qualities required to become a Home Bargains store developer, just as there are many aspects of the role! What are the keys to success?

  1. 1
    Ability to Travel The role requires drive, both figuratively and literally. You will need to be able to travel, sometimes with short notice, with the role covering the entire UK.
  2. 5
    Communication You need to have excellent communication skills, in order to successfully train and encourage our diverse workforce.
  3. 2
    Creativity Creativity is the cornerstone of successful merchandising!
  4. 6
    High Standards You need to set high standards, and train others to maintain them.
  5. 3
    Ability to Lead In training others, your ability to lead and motivate others will be tested daily.
  6. 4
    Adaptable Your role will be as diverse and ever-changing as the locations you work in. The ability to adapt and adjust is essential.

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